A Sigh of Relief


About Us

Our NGO is run by a group of selfless and dedicated engineers, educationists, doctors and social workers, who actually want to contribute something to the needful.

Our NGO is connected to the grassroot level through our dedicated volunteers, who provide us with feedback, so that the less privileged like the orphans, widows, needy and other such sects of the society that are deprived of the necessities of life all taken care of accordingly. We aslo focus on the health care sector like doing medical camps and blood donation camps with our experienced, qualified and certified members, so that we can do our bit in trying to improve health and save lives. Apart from this our NGO tries to make it possible that the above mentioned sects are benefited from the Government schemes like:

  • Education policies for the orphans
  • Benefits for the widows
  • Benefits for the economically compromised
  • Justice for the ignored
  • Policies for the women empowerment and so on
by reaching out to the people and awaring them and helping them to get the main benefits. Ours is a shortest system with moral, financial and technical accountability with no loop holes.

Fields of Work

  1. Orphans and Widows
  2. Women Empowerment (Girl Education, Skill Development, Business Units, Awareness Camps and Social/Domestic Counselling)
  3. Education facilities for poor students
  4. Health and domestic care for Old age and BPL personals
  5. General Medical, dental camps and specialization procedures for ST/SC, BPL and residents of border areas
  6. General works shops for skill development of unemployed youth
  7. Blood donation camps and awareness for far flung areas
  8. Anti drug camps/ rehabilitation counseling and de addiction facilities

Working Procedure

  • All the work will be transparent in front of law, members of trust and the public
  • Donations will be accepted in form of money or as items required
  • Complete records will be maintained for every breath of trust
  • Yearly audit will be submitted
  • Trust will be working strictly under the limits and guidelines of law
  • Complete data records will me maintained through physical surveys
  • Registrations of members/volunteers will be done through our website or physically in the offices
  • Employment can be provided under agreements depending on the projects of the trust
  • Before doing any charity works or projects in any area the concerned administrative bodies will be informed for every legal formalities